About Craig

As residents of Livermore for well over 30 years, my wife and I have 3 sons who attended our LVJUSD schools K-12, then got accepted to and graduate from UC Davis and UC Berkeley. Our family worked hard to support our children’s education, taking an active role both in their academic and athletic endeavors. I am the third generation of a family that came from Europe, did not speak English and had little means. Despite the challenges, my grandparents attained prosperity through education and hard work. That work ethic and respect for education was passed down through my parents and on to our children.

I enjoyed my career as a professional Firefighter, and throughout my 28 years on the job, I forged partnerships throughout the state and as far as Capitol Hill, all in an effort to achieve excellence for our organization. Four years ago I pledged, “…I would like to bring my experience in government budgets, labor-management relations and community service to our Livermore Valley Joint
Unified School District”,
and I’ve kept my word.

Our family places great value in education and it is my goal to make the educational experience of Livermore students nothing short of EXCELLENT.

My Experience

I have served on School Site Council, Citizen’s Oversight on Measure M and in June of 2014, Co-Chaired Measure G (approximately $28 million dollars, over seven years to Livermore Schools for STEM and small class sizes). I have coached numerous youth teams in the past 25 years, and I’m currently in my 15th season coaching high school sports. The past four years I’ve been honored to serve our community as a Trustee on the LVJUSD Board of Education, where my associate Trustees have elected me President three consecutive years.

Sworn to protect the public, I spent an entire career building community partnerships and establishing a standard of excellence.

As an example – during my time as Fire Chief, we were able to increase survivability from a cardiac arrest from approximately 10% (above the National average) to a stunning 31%. We accomplished this during the worst economic collapse since the Depression. We were able to achieve this and many other things due to the establishment of trust, the advancement of partnerships and the adherence to a goal of achieving excellence in all areas critical to the mission.

Serving our Livermore schools this past four years has allowed me to realize the changes we can make here for our Livermore students. I have been able to propose and implement a vast Solar Program for our campuses. This program was achieved with zero dollars out of pocket and will save our District nearly $400,000 annually in energy costs.

Communications are challenging in large organizations. So, when I observed the similarity between my previous experience as a Fire Chief overseeing multiple fire stations and our Superintendent overseeing multiple school sites, I connected a partnership with Cisco. Today our Administration is connected with our campuses with Telepresence.

Coming into my role as a new Trustee, I sought to establish a Federal connection for our schools. Today, we are connected and have just received three consecutive grant awards in the areas of promoting social-emotional well-being, and substance abuse prevention.

I will continue to utilize my experience and knowledge of government to modernize our facilities, expand public and private partnerships, and save the District money. I am well versed in what it takes to compete in today’s hiring and will communicate with parents, teachers and staff to ensure that our students receive the opportunity to achieve a first-class education.