“This is Livermore, it is our home, and I believe we can achieve more with our students.
I would be humbled to have your vote and will work to take our schools to the next level.”


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As board president, Bueno has overseen the addition of solar energy at school sites, saving thousands each year.

……He was instrumental in the passage of Measure G, which provided funding for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs, as well as smaller class sizes.  Read more at The Independent



Thank you for visiting the Craig “Bueno for Schools” website. I believe that we share the same priority: Providing great schools and a quality education for every student. My hope is that we can be partners and achieve these goals together.

I have been involved in our Livermore schools for almost 20 years. My three sons attended Livermore schools from elementary through high school and my wife and I were involved parents throughout their educational experience. I have served on School Site Council, multiple fundraising efforts, and on the Citizen’s Oversight Committee on Measure M. I’ve also volunteered as an athletics coach for the past 25 years, where I’ve had the pleasure of being a coach-mentor for hundreds of student athletes. For the past 15 years I’ve been a coach at Granada High School, helping many kids realize success on and off the field.

I’ve built a reputation of competence, reliability and trust in both my volunteer and professional experiences. I served nearly 28 years as a Firefighter, where I earned the respect of a City and served as their Fire Chief until retiring in 2012.

We have a wonderful Family environment here in Livermore and I believe our schools are central to promoting an even brighter future. Aware of my deep commitment to serving children, 5 years ago officials from the school district asked me to help pass a ballot measure to save critical programs and services in our Livermore schools. I gladly accepted and co-chaired the Committee for Measure G. Together, we worked with several DEDICATED community members to seek your support in saving our:

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
    ✓ Saved & Expanded Opportunities!
  • Reduced class sizes in elementary schools
    ✓ Maintained!
  • High School Counselors
    ✓ Saved & Recently Added Positions!
  • Art & Music Programs
    ✓ Restored Programs!

We were successful because our community supports education and trusts in our LVJUSD schools to provide a high-quality educational experience.

Meeting with groups and individuals to communicate the details of Measure G, I gleaned an understanding about the condition of our schools and the unfunded needs.  I had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of parents and community supporters and the message I heard was resounding – Livermore wants great schools for our children.

The consistency and compassion behind this repeated message had a profound effect on me and I wanted to do more. I was elected Trustee to the LVJUSD Board of Education just four years ago, and began to support and implement positive change immediately.

Today I am seeking re-election so that we may take the next steps together. We are expanding program in academics (IB, Agriculture, AP etc..), have renewed our support for our student-athletes (massive facilities improvements are underway), and are placing special emphasis on the arts (Culinary Arts, Shakespeare for 2nd graders, etc..). Additionally, we are on the verge of a massive facilities improvement program, thanks to the support of our Livermore community’s Measure J.

I believe my understanding of government process and budgets, experience and relationships in both Sacramento and Washington DC, along with a comprehensive understanding of Labor-Management relations and a deep commitment to our community and youth, have given me the ability to work towards OUR goal – Truly great schools for our Livermore students.

These past four years I have worked with the Board to introduce and implement numerous programs to enhance the learning and growth of our children. We were able to initiate a solar program, a Telepresence video-conferencing system, and secure a $245 million dollar facilities bond (Measure J).

But WE are not finished. With your support I know we can achieve excellence, and together we will achieve our common goal – Truly Great Schools for ALL Livermore Students!

I encourage you to reach out to me with your concerns and ideas. I ask for your support and your vote on Nov. 6th